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Tennessee Truck Driving Champions Deliver Sense of Homecoming As Competitors Seek Spots In National Event This August

The 2019 Tennessee Truck Driving Championships, held this spring at the spacious FedEx facility in Antioch, became more than the next step for professional drivers seeking to compete in the upcoming National Truck Driving Championships this August in Pittsburgh. The Volunteer State event, which is overseen by the Tennessee Trucking Association (TTA), truly delivered a sense of a homecoming – providing an ever-present atmosphere for both the participants and spectators that is most often found at family reunions.

While the highly skilled competitors took on the challenging course in nine different divisions, family, friends, co-workers and trucking enthusiasts had the opportunity to enjoy some fun and games that had been incorporated into the event. The TTA, in organizing the event, had worked with several groups, including the Tennessee Highway Patrol and numerous sponsors to set up exhibits and game stations not far from the course. Everyone in attendance was treated to a great lunch hot off the grill.

Listen Up: PodWheels Visits Tennessee Truck Driving Championships

In this special podcast, the PodWheels Network offers an inside look at the 2019 Tennessee Truck Driving Championships. You’ll hear onsite interviews from competitors and many others who made the trip to the FedEx facility in Antioch, Tenn. Barry Courter and Greg Thompson of the PodWheels Network serve as your podcast hosts. They offer an inside look at the TDC event while sharing the stories of family, friends and volunteers who made the event and the day shine.

Highway safety, and the skills necessary to excel as a professional driver, along with the importance of connecting with family and friends became the overriding themes of the day during the Tennessee Truck Driving Championships (TDC). For the competitors out on the course and the TTA team managing the event, TDC is the Super Bowl of Safety. The TDC is held in the highest regard by the law enforcement community. Not only was the Tennessee State Patrol onsite with its safe-driving demos, but many of the judging stations on the two TDC courses were once again staffed by state troopers.

The PodWheels Network was proud to be a part of the 2019 TDC. PodWheels Network founder and executive producer Greg Thompson had the honor of joining Dave Edwards from S & E Productions as a course announcer for the event. PodWheels senior producer Barry Courter spent his day at the TDC taking in the atmosphere around the event and conducting a series of interesting interviews with the competitors, their families, other attendees, TTA officials and participating law enforcement. Barry had the opportunity to experience the course first-hand, as he took a ride with Tom Hawkes, who has worked with the TTA for many years on the TDC.

As listeners will hear through the Listen Up on this page, Barry produced a podcast that captures the spirit of the event and the entire day. The podcast, which is hosted by Barry and Greg, features onsite interviews from the event and reflections on a memorable day.

“Our entire team at PodWheels is very grateful to the TTA for the opportunity to be involved with this year’s Tennessee Truck Driving Championships. The day was filled with fun, and both Barry and I were touched by the tremendous sense of community that we found at the event,” said Greg. “From our perspective, it was a great day for everyone involved, and we salute the TTA, the event organizers, volunteers, sponsors, law enforcement and, of course, all the competitors who were a part of the Tennessee Truck Driving Championships. Barry did a great job of producing the podcast from the event and we are thrilled to be able to share what we experienced through the PodWheels Network.”

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Tennessee Truck Driving Championships
List of Top Finishers & Categories

Winner: Sgt. John Vaughn
Runner Up: Trp. Mark Woerdeman
PRE-TRIP INSPECTION:James Sheehan, FedEx Ground
ROOKIE OF THE YEAR:Josh Arwood, Old Dominion Freight Line
TEAM TROPHY:Martin Brower Company


  1. James Sheehan, FedEx Ground
  2. Paul Chapman, FedEx Ground
  3. Kevin Carter, FedEx Freight

  1. Christopher Sargent, FedEx Freight
  2. Steve Magers, FedEx Freight
  3. Raunderio Morrison, YRC

  1. Gary Luster, FedEx Freight
  2. Michael Inklebarger, Old Dominion Freight Line
  3. Jimmy Balcom, Martin Brower Company

  1. Michael Brewer, Old Dominion Freight Line
  2. Scott Wells, Walmart Transportation
  3. Ed Hauhn, Martin Brower Company

  1. Howell Argo, FedEx Freight
  2. Daniel Huffine, FedEx Freight
  3. David Butler, Averitt Express

  1. Thomas Vandivort, Martin Brower Company
  2. Jeff Stinson, FedEx Freight
  3. Phil Shelton, Walmart Transportation

  1. Josh Arwood, Old Dominion Freight Line
  2. Danny Ewell, Walmart Transportation
  3. Tim Geibel, Batesville Logistics Inc.

  1. Ronny Hamill, FedEx Freight
  2. Tim Blair, FedEx Freight
  3. Brian Hall, Old Dominion Freight Line

  1. Robert Moxley, Titan Transfer
  2. Frank Satterfield, Skyline Transportation
  3. Brian Turner, Old Dominion Freight Line

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